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We want to show the world the amazing, beautiful and inspired pieces of artwork created by the skilful hands of Mexican artisans. At the same time we want to give you the opportunity to acquire these unique and original treasures from your own home, thus supporting and promoting the creativity of these talented people. We have a selection of handcrafted jewelry; unique Mexican jewelry in silver and various gemstones, handmade Oaxacan wood carvings and handicrafts... everything with the highest quality. Welcome to NAAYART!


Handcrafted Unique Mexican Jewelry


We offer you a unique selection of silver handmade jewelry. Mexican jewelry is traditionally made in the town of Taxco. With a long history of mining and handcrafted jewelry, Taxco is also known as The Mexican Silver Capital. It is located in the state of Guerrero and is famous worldwide for its amazing and beautiful silver artwork created by talented local artisans.

Wood Carving Sculptures Alebrijes


What is an Alebrije? Alebrijes are Oaxacan wood carvings that take the form of fantastic creatures hand painted with vivid colors. These carved wood handicrafts were born as such in the past century, however the wood carving tradition of the artisans has been transmitted long before through generations. Find out more about Alebrijes!